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Stop wasting time writing code to display PDF files or play radio streams. Let our frameworks take care of the hard work and focus on the unique and interesting parts of your app!

What our clients say

Our frameworks are used by hundreds of companies & developers in iOS apps that have millions of downloads. The following testimonials are just a few examples of what clients are saying about our products.

Very impressed with the source code, well written to understand how it works. Easily implemented!

RadioTunes SDK - Dimitris Koutsaftikis

Very well organized codebase and framework. Have started building on this code and looks very straightforward.

PDFTouch SDK - Dilip Kumar

Great code quality, definitely does what it's supposed to do. Saved me a lot of time and money.

RadioTunes SDK - Noam Etzion Rosenberg

Consulting & Integration Services

We provide consulting and integration services for building mobile apps based on our iOS frameworks. Get in touch with us to request a quote!


RadioTunes SDK

Powerful radio playback and recording framework.


Fast and customizable framework for displaying PDF files in your iOS apps.

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