RadioTunes SDK

A Powerful Radio Playback Framework for iOS App Developers!

RadioTunes SDK is the definitive framework for iOS app developers who want to add radio playback & recording functionality to their apps. Behind the scenes RadioTunes relies on the iOS AudioQueue framework and the open source LGPL licensed FFmpeg library.

If your app does not require mms/wma codec functionality you can also use RadioTunes SDK without including the FFmpeg library. The code for mms streaming is completely separated from the code for http streaming so that you can choose which portions of code you want to include in your project.

Download the Free Demo now and see for yourself how simple it is to add radio playback functionality to your app!

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Time to Market

RadioTunes SDK is used in hundreds of iOS apps. It's code is field tested and will save you at least months of development time. Let RadioTunes SDK take care of audio streaming and focus on the unique and interesting parts of your app!

Cost Effective

The average hourly rate of an experienced iOS developer is about $100/hour. Just do the calculation and you'll see that you can save a lot of money by paying only a fraction of the cost with license prices starting from $49.

Developer Friendly

We are developers too and just like you we hate working with closed binary libraries. All our licenses include the complete source code of RadioTunes SDK! Looking at the code will give you a better understanding of the inner workings of the framework.


Multiple Protocols

RadioTunes SDK supports streaming from http and mms protocols.

Audio Codecs

Support for mp3, aac, aac+ and wma audio codecs.

Radio Metadata

Parsing of Shoutcast / Icecast audio metadata.

Playlist Formats

Support for various playlist formats including PLS, M3U, ASX, XSPF and direct URL support.

Auto Reconnect

Automatic handling of network interruptions and incoming phone calls.

Radio Recording

Record radio streams in realtime while playback continues.

What our clients say

RadioTunes SDK is used by hundreds of companies & developers in iOS radio apps that have millions of downloads. The following testimonials are just a few examples of what our clients are saying about our product.

Very impressed with the source code, well written to understand how it works. Easily implemented!

Dimitris Koutsaftikis

The SDK is great. It helped me a lot and saved me a lot of time doing it myself. Thank you!

Meir Zvi

Great code quality, definitely does what it's supposed to do. Saved me a lot of time and money.

Noam Etzion Rosenberg

For someone new to IOS or who doesn't want to dive deep into the audio queue api this is a good component.

Mooncatventures Group

It is a great component with great support and it is certainly great value for money.

Antonios Voulgarelis

This is gem framework for anyone working on web radio for iOS. It really saves a lot of time in making FFmpeg and mms work.

Junda Ong

Starting from $49