A Powerful PDF Rendering Framework for iOS App Developers!

We know how hard it is to get PDF rendering done right on the iOS platform. The small memory and slow CPU conditions make it very hard to achieve blazing fast PDF rendering. You can now rely on PDFTouch SDK for rendering PDF pages in your apps and save months of development costs!

PDFTouch SDK offers you a solid framework that's easy to use and customize to your needs. With just a couple of lines of code you can create a PDF view controller and present it in your app! The user interface is very similar to the iBooks app and also features a grid display for page thumbnails. For more details please refer to the Features section.

Download the Free Demo now and see for yourself how simple it is to add PDF rendering functionality to your app!

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Time to Market

PDFTouch SDK is used in hundreds of iOS apps. It's code is field tested and will save you at least months of development time. Let PDFTouch SDK take care of PDF rendering and focus on the unique and interesting parts of your app!

Cost Effective

The average hourly rate of an experienced iOS developer is about $100/hour. Just do the calculation and you'll see that you can save a lot of money by paying only a fraction of the cost with license prices starting from $249.

Developer Friendly

We are developers too and just like you we hate working with closed binary libraries. All our licenses include the complete source code of PDFTouch SDK! Looking at the code will give you a better understanding of the inner workings of the framework.


Fast Rendering

Fast multi-threaded PDF rendering using Grand Central Dispatch.

Double Page Mode

Single page or two pages mode with side-scrolling or page-curl transitions.

Multimedia Annotations

Support for video, audio, web pages, links and maps annotations.


Ability to add bookmarks per page which are persisted within a plist.


Rendering of PDF pages as images at different sizes directly integrated with the caching system.

Text Search

Search for text and highlight all found occurences.

What our clients say

PDFTouch SDK is used by hundreds of companies & developers in iOS apps that have millions of downloads. The following testimonials are just a few examples of what our clients are saying about our product.

The component is very stable. I tried all the other open source pdf viewers and they all seemed to be filled with show stopping bugs. To integrate this pdf viewer it was a matter of 10 lines and a few Apple frameworks.

Bryan Williams

Very well organized codebase and framework. Have started building on this code and looks very straightforward. Great Work!

Dilip Kumar

Well working product. Was quite easy to integrate into overall system. It met almost all our requirements.!

Svetlana Voronkova

Starting from $249