Our Products

iOS Frameworks

RadioTunes SDK $49+

Powerful radio playback and recording framework.

PDFTouch SDK $249+

Fast and customizable framework for displaying PDF files in your iOS apps.

Why choose our products?

Time to Market

Our products are field tested in hundreds of iOS apps and will save you months of development time. Let our frameworks take care of the hard work and focus on the unique and interesting parts of your app!

Cost Effective

The average hourly rate of an experienced iOS developer is about $100/hour. By using our frameworks you'll save a lot of money and only pay a fraction of the cost!

Developer Friendly

We hate working with binary libraries too. All our products come with their complete source code which will give you a better understanding of the inner workings of the framework.


Our products' API exposes a lot of features that will cover most of your needs. If you need something special you can dive directly into the source code.

Complete Documentation

All our products have detailed integration instructions and technical API docs backed up with responsive and expert support!

Easy Integration

Integrating our frameworks into your app takes about 5 minutes. Once setup you can start using it right away. The documentation and demo app code will get you started.

Consulting & Integration Services

We provide consulting and integration services for building mobile apps based on our iOS frameworks. Get in touch with us to request a quote.